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Specific Details

Detailed CategoriesExplanationIn Dollars
Cost in China$46,440
Purchasing, logistics, preparation for export30 days$50
Customs clearance5-7 days$410
Passing the border3-7 days$1,230
Customs clearanceCustoms payments at an optimized price (check with the manager for details)$3,480
Other customs costsTemporary storage warehouse, loader, declarant.$540
Logistics to the detailing center5-10 days$1,640
Detailing, design of SBCTS/EPTS7 days$880
BuBuCar CommissionWhen purchasing a car from
0 yuan - 200 thousand yuan, commission - 7 thousand yuan,from 200 thousand yuan - 300 thousand yuan, commission - 10 thousand yuan,from 300 thousand yuan - 400 thousand yuan, commission - 15 thousand . yuan,from 400 thousand yuan - 500 thousand yuan commission - 18 thousand yuan

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