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HiPhi Y 2023

Chinese Express


Medium and large SUV


Starting Price

$ 63,750


The exterior design adopts a youthful design language. The front face adopts a closed grille design. Simple lines outline a three-dimensional shape. Paired with a continuous daytime running light strip. It looks fashionable and exquisite. The headlight assembly adopts a digital matrix LED light source. This can achieve diversified display of lantern language. The side of the vehicle is elongated, and the rear and pillars are treated with smoked black. Create a suspended effect in conjunction with privacy windows. The waist forms a three-dimensional body structure through the combination of concave and convex surfaces. The doors are designed with no borders, hidden door handles, and paired with 21 inch sports wheels, creating a strong sense of sportiness. In terms of the rear of the car, the rear window has a large inclination design. The front side of the spoiler has a certain hollowed out treatment. Paired with a through style tail light group, both sides are extended with Y-shaped light strips, which looks more exquisite.


HiPhi Y adopts a T-shaped encircling cockpit layout. The design is relatively simple, but it does not lack a sense of technology. It has a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel, a 17-inch central control screen, and a 15-inch front passenger screen. In terms of appearance and display quality, it is relatively good. At the same time, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155, Qualcomm QCS8250 in car intelligent chip, and HiPhiGo in car intelligent system. The rich functions and smooth operation are commendable. And a large area of soft cortical coverage was maintained in the material used. At the same time, add chrome trim for embellishment. On the dual spoke steering wheel, there is also a touch screen structured button area. The central control area is not equipped with any additional physical buttons except for the large vertical screen. On high-end models, the seats are also wrapped in Nappa leather and leather fabric. The heating/ventilation/memory/massage function for the front seats and the heating function for the rear seats are all standard across the entire series. This ensures the comfort of the ride.


HiPhi Y adopts a dual motor layout in front and rear on the top of the line model. Equipped with an electric four-wheel drive system. The total power of the motor is 371kW (505Ps), and the total torque is 620N · m. The acceleration time of 100 kilometers is only 4.7 seconds. With the help of a 115kWh ternary lithium battery pack, a pure electric range (CLTC) of 765km can be achieved. The other three versions all have a rear single motor layout and are rear drive. The maximum power is 247kW (336Ps) and the maximum torque is 410N · m. The acceleration time for 100 kilometers is 6.8-6.9 seconds. The Pioneer and Elite versions are equipped with 76.6kWh lithium iron phosphate battery packs. The comprehensive range of CLTC is 560km. The long range version is equipped with a 115kWh ternary lithium battery pack. The comprehensive range has reached 810km (CLTC).

*Remark (• Standard ⚬ Optional - None)


Official Suggested Price: $ 63,750
Manufacturer: Chinese Express
Class: Medium and large SUV
Type of Energy: pure electric
Release Date: 2023.07
Electric Motor: Pure electric 505 horsepower
Pure Electric Range (km) MIIT: 765
Charging Time (h): Fast charging 0.83 hours, slow charging 12.3 hours
Quick Charge Capacity (%): 0-80
Maximum Power (kW): 371(505Ps)
Maximum Torque (N·m): 620
Transmission: Electric vehicle single speed gearbox
Length×Width×Height (mm): 4938x1958x1658
Body Structure: 5-door, 5-seater SUV
Top Speed (km/h): 190
Official 0-100 km/h Acceleration Time (s): 4.7
Model Version: 2023 765km Flagship Edition

Electric Motor

Electric Motor Description: Pure electric 505 horsepower
Motor Type: Permanent magnet/synchronous
Total Electric Motor Power (kW): 371
Total Electric Motor Horsepower (Ps): 505
Total Electric Motor Torque (N·m): 620
Front Electric Motor Maximum Power (kW): 124
Front Electric Motor Maximum Torque (N·m): 210
Rear Electric Motor Maximum Power (kW): 247
Rear Electric Motor Maximum Torque (N·m): 410
Number of Drive Motors: Dual motor
Motor Layout: Front + rear


Battery Type: Ternary lithium battery
Battery Technology Features: NP anti-proliferation technology solution
Battery Cell Brand: Ningde era
Battery Capacity (kWh): 115
Battery Charging: Fast charging 0.83 hours, slow charging 12.3 hours·Quick charging interface
Fast Charging Port Location: Right fuel tank
Slow Charging Port Location: Right fuel tank
Battery Temperature Management System: •Low temperature heating •Liquid cooling
One-Pedal Mode: •Standard
Brand-Owned Charging Stations: •Standard
VTOL Mobile Charging Station Functionality: •Standard
Maximum External Discharge Power (kW): 3.3


Drive Type: Dual motor four-wheel drive
Four-Wheel Drive Type: Electric four-wheel drive
Front Suspension Type: Double wishbone independent suspension
Rear Suspension Type: Multi-link independent suspension
Steering Type: electric assist
Body Structure: Load-bearing


Transmission Description: Electric vehicle single speed gearbox
Number of Gears: 1
Transmission Type: fixed ratio gearbox


Front Brake Type: ventilated disc
Rear Brake Type: ventilated disc
Parking Brake Type: Electronic parking
Front Tire Size: 245/45R21
Rear Tire Size: 245/45R21

Active Safety

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System): •Standard
Brake Force Distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.): •Standard
Brake Assist (EBA/BA, etc.): •Standard
Traction Control (TCS/ASR, etc.): •Standard
Vehicle Stability Control (ESP/DSC, etc.): •Standard
Active Safety Warning System: • Lane departure warning • Forward collision warning • Rear collision warning • Reverse side warning • DOW door opening warning
Active Braking: •Standard
Lane Merging Assist: •Standard
Lane Keeping Assist System: •Standard
Lane Centering: •Standard
Fatigue Driving Alert: •Standard
Active DMS Fatigue Detection: •Standard
Traffic Sign Recognition: •Standard
Signal Light Recognition: •Standard

Car Body

Length(mm): 4938
Width(mm): 1958
Height(mm): 1658
Wheelbase (mm): 2950
Front Track (mm): 1700
Rear Track (mm): 1677
Body Structure: SUV
Number of Doors: 5
Type of Door Opening: swing door
Number of Seats: 5
Curb Weight (kg): 2430
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg): 2845
Trunk Volume (L): 777-1933
Drag Coefficient (Cd): 0.24

Passive Safety

Front Airbags: •Main driver’s seat •Co-pilot’s seat
Side Airbags: •Front row
Side Curtain Airbags: •Standard
Seatbelt Reminder: •Standard
Tire Pressure Monitoring System: •Tire pressure display
Child Seat Anchors (ISOFIX): •Standard

Assist/Control Configuration

Parking Radar: •front •back
Driving Assistance Cameras: •Reversing image •360° panoramic image •Transparent image
Cruise Control System: • Fixed speed cruise • Adaptive cruise • Full speed adaptive cruise
Automatic Lane Changing Assist: •Standard
Ramp Auto Enter/Exit: •Standard
Assisted Driving Level: •L2 level
Automatic Parking: •Standard
Tracking Reverse: •Standard
Memory Parking: •Standard
Automatic Hold (AUTOHOLD): •Standard
Hill-start Assist Control (HAC): •Standard
Hill Descent Control (HDC): •Standard
Adjustable Suspension: •Soft and hard
Integrated Active Steering System: •Standard
Driving Mode Selection: •Sports •Snow •Personalization •ECO/Economy •Standard Comfort
Brake Energy Recovery System: •Standard
Low-Speed Warning Sound: •Standard

Exterior Configuration

Sunroof Type: •Segmented non-openable panoramic sunroof
Active Grille Shutters: •Standard
Aluminum Alloy Wheels: •Standard
Frameless Door Design: •Standard
Hidden Door Handles: •Standard

Interior Configuration

Steering Wheel Material: •Genuine Leather
Steering Wheel Adjustment: •Up and down + front and back
Electric Steering Wheel Adjustment: •Standard
Steering Wheel Functions: •Multi-function control •Memory •Heating
Driving Computer Screen: •color
LCD Instrument Style: •Full LCD
LCD Instrument Size (inches): •12.3

Comfort/Security Configuration

Electric Tailgate: •Standard
Electric Tailgate Position Memory: •Standard
Interior Central Lock: •Standard
Remote Key Type: •Smart remote control key •UWB digital key •Mobile phone Bluetooth key •NFC/RFID key
Keyless Entry: •Full vehicle
Keyless Start: •Standard
Remote Start: •Standard
Remote Vehicle Movement: •Standard
Vehicle Summoning Function: •Standard
Head-Up Display (HUD): •Standard
Built-in Dash Cam: •Standard
Wireless Phone Charging: •Standard
Trunk 12V Power Outlet: •Standard

Seat Configuration

Seat Material: •Genuine Leather
Seat Layout: •2+3
Electric Seat Adjustment: •Main driver’s seat •Co-pilot’s seat
Driver Seat Whole Adjustment: •Forward and backward movement •Backrest angle •Height adjustment
Driver Seat Partial Adjustment: •Headrest•lumbar
Passenger Seat Whole Adjustment: •Back and forth movement •Height adjustment •Backrest angle
Passenger Seat Partial Adjustment: •Headrest•lumbar
Second Row Whole Adjustment: •Backrest angle adjustment
Front Seat Functions: •Heating •Ventilation •Memory •Massage
Second Row Seat Functions: •heating
Front/Rear Armrest: •Front row •Rear row
Rear Cup Holders: •Standard
Rear Seats Folding Ratio: •40:60
Second Row Small Table: •Standard

Intelligent Interconnection

Central Control Screen Size (inches): •17
GPS Navigation System: •Standard
Navigation Traffic Information Display: •Standard
Roadside Assistance Service: •Standard
Bluetooth/Car Phone: •Standard
Vehicle Networking: •Standard
4G/5G Network: •5G
OTA Upgrade: •Standard
Facial Recognition: •Standard
Voice Recognition Control System: •Standard
Voice Wake-up Free Function: •Standard
Voice Zone Wake-up Recognition Function: • Main driver • Passenger driver • Second row
Continuous Voice Recognition: •Standard
Voice Assistant Wake-up Word: HiphiGo
Wi-Fi Hotspot: •Standard


Multi-finger Gesture Screen Control: •Standard
App Store: •Standard
Multimedia Interface: •USB/Type-C
USB/Type-C Port Quantity: •2 people in the front row •3 people in the back row
USB/Type-C Maximum Charging Power: Front row 60W
Virtual Sound Waves: •Standard
Relaxation Mode: •Standard
Audio Brand: •British Treasures
Number of Speakers: •25

Lighting Configuration

Low Beam Lights: •LED
High Beam Lights: •LED
Daytime Running Lights: •Standard
Adaptive High/Low Beam: •Standard
Automatic Headlights: •Standard
Cornering Lights: •Standard
Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS): •Standard
Headlight Height Adjustment: •Standard
Interior Ambient Lighting: •254 colors
Lighting Special Features: •Matrix
Headlight Delay Off: •Standard

Glass/Rearvew Mirrors

Electric Windows: •Front row •Back row
One-touch Windows: •The whole car
Window Anti-pinch: •Standard
External Rearview Mirror: •Electric adjustment •Heating •Electric folding •Memory •Automatically flip down when reversing •Automatically fold when locked •Automatic anti-dazzle
Internal Rearview Mirror: •Auto-anti-dazzle •Streaming media
Interior Vanity Mirrors: •Main driver’s seat + lighting •Passenger’s seat + lighting
Rear Privacy Glass: •Standard
Rain-sensing Wipers: •Standard
Multi-layer Soundproof Glass: •Front row

Air Conditioning/Refrigerator

Air Conditioning Control Mode: •Automatic
Rear Air Vents: •Standard
Temperature Zone Control: •Dual zone air conditioning
In-car Air Purifier: •Standard
In-car PM2.5 Filtration Device: •Standard
Negative Ion Generator: •Standard
In-car Fragrance Device: •Standard
Car Refrigerator: •Standard

Smart Configuration

Assisted Driving Operating System: •HiPhi Pilot
In-car Intelligent System: •HiPhiGo
Mobile App Remote Control: •Service appointment •Remote control •Vehicle monitoring •Charging management •Digital key
Heat Pump Management System: •Standard
Number of External Cameras: •14
Number of Internal Cameras: •2
Number of Ultrasonic Radars: •12
Number of Millimeter-wave Radars: •5
Sub-millimeter High-precision Positioning System: •Standard
High-precision Maps: •Standard

Optional Packages

Custom Options: Optional exterior, interior, wheels, brakes

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HiPhi Y 2023 765km Flagship Edition

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