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AVATR Automobile is a high-end smart electric vehicle brand jointly created by Changan, Huawei, and CATL. It is committed to building an international high-end SEV brand and providing users with a more intelligent, convenient and environmentally friendly travel experience through cutting-edge technology and excellent quality.

As a high-end smart electric vehicle brand, AVATR Automobile focuses on product performance and cruising range, and is also constantly exploring the application of emerging technologies such as intelligence and networking to bring users a smarter and safer travel experience.

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AVATR Technology
Medium and large SUV
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type rear wheel drive

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Understand Your Wisdom Transformation

Explore future-oriented humanized travel technology and create an emotionally intelligent travel experience for users. It brings together the intelligent manufacturing and smart car solutions of Changan Automobile, Huawei, and CATL.


Creating a leading smart electric vehicle technology platform – CHN, and are committed to building a global brand of high-end smart electric vehicles (SEV).

AVATR 12 - Smart Luxury Car Of The Future

Avatr 12

AVATRUST Super Sensory System

The entire series is equipped with 29 smart driving sensors as standard, and there are no blind spots in the entire scene. Contains 3 hidden laser radars with centimeter-level ranging accuracy. 

GOD Neural Network

The industry’s first lidar fusion GOD network. Million-level 3D point cloud truly restores nighttime traffic conditions. 

Driving Safety And Assistance

The entire series comes standard with 8 safety valves and 19 active safety functions. This includes Abnormal Obstacle Automatic Emergency Braking (GAEB).

Parking Assist System

Supports APA smart parking assist, RPA remote parking assist and AVP valet parking assist, making parking easier from now on.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum Speed

AVATR 11 - Emotionally Intelligent SUV


Embrace Induction Cockpit

NAPPA leather seats; heating, ventilation, massage function; imitation deerskin roof; made of antibacterial materials, equipped with roof UV germicidal lamps; 1.4m² high-transparency panoramic canopy.

Intelligent Interaction

Seamless flow of smart terminals; Zero-level operation; Smart voice assistant; Ultra-wide application ecosystem; Smart scenario mode.

Intelligent Driving

HI Huawei full-stack smart car solution; Active safety capability upgrade GAEB; AVATRANS intelligent navigation system; Parking assistance system.

CHN Platform

Long battery life; High-voltage overcharging technology; Lightweight chassis, evolvable chassis; Strong power; Battery safety.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum power

AVATR Technology - Explore Humanized Travel Technology

As an explorer of the new smart electric vehicle (SEV) track, Avita Technology is committed to building an international high-end SEV brand. Thanks to Changan Automobile, Huawei, and CATL, they have empowered Avita Technology in the fields of vehicle R&D, smart manufacturing, smart car solutions, and smart energy ecology respectively.


The three parties jointly created CHN, a leading new-generation smart electric vehicle technology platform, which has three major characteristics: “new architecture, strong computing, and high-voltage charging.” Based on the new cooperation model, Avita Technology has truly taken the core capabilities of the SEV industry into its own hands.

AVATR’s Technological Innovations

AVATR Auto’s technological innovation reflects its deep strength in the field of new energy vehicles and its continuous pursuit of excellence, providing global consumers with higher-end, smarter and more environmentally friendly electric vehicle travel options.

Design field

AVATR’s design concept focuses on personalized aesthetic experience, such as the use of design thinking that integrates supercars and SUVs, as well as a suspended posture with an axis length ratio of 0.61, a butterfly-wing front face, and frameless windows. Unique design elements such as electric doors, fluid rear windows and sail-type active lifting tail.

Vehicle R&D and intelligent manufacturing

As AVATR’s partner, Changan Automobile provides vehicles with excellent vehicle quality and safety performance, as well as in-depth research and development and optimization of powertrains. Huawei and CATL respectively provide leading smart electric vehicle solutions and energy ecological support, and jointly create a smart electric vehicle technology platform – CHN. This platform is characterized by its forward-looking design and warm technology, and is committed to promoting the development of high-end smart electric vehicles.

Intelligent system

AVATR’s intelligent system includes functions such as remote control, intelligent voice interaction, and autonomous driving. These functions are realized through a highly integrated and networked control system, bringing users a more convenient, safe and comfortable driving experience.

Intelligent driving technology

AVATR’s intelligent driving technology is supported by Huawei’s full-stack self-developed intelligent car solutions, including the AVATRANS intelligent navigation system and other advanced hardware devices and software-level fusion perception algorithms. This technology can provide highly intelligent driving assistance, including intelligent driving capabilities that approach “human-like driving” in various scenarios.

FAQs about Importing or Driving AVATR Cars from China

Do I need to pay duties and taxes when importing AVATR cars?

Import duties and taxes depend on your country’s regulations. It is recommended that you consult your local customs and tax authorities to understand relevant policies and procedures.

Do AVATR cars support international charging standards?

Yes, AVATR cars support multiple international charging standards, including CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2, etc. You can charge according to the standard of the charging device.

Do AVATR cars offer custom color and configuration options?

Yes, AVATR usually offer a wide range of color and configuration options, including personalized colors, personalized option packages and software upgrade packages

Ways to reduce energy consumption include driving wisely, reducing highway speeds, utilizing regenerative braking, regular tire maintenance and avoiding unnecessary use of electrical equipment.

Does the AVATR car support remote control function?

Sure, AVATR cars are equipped with mobile applications that allow car owners to remotely control the vehicle, such as preheating/cooling, locking, charging and other functions.

How is the cruising range of the AVATR car affected by temperature?

Temperature can affect battery performance, and extreme cold or hot weather may cause a decrease in cruising range. It is recommended to take appropriate measures during extreme temperatures, such as preheating or cooling the battery, to maximize range.

How to find a charging station during a long trip?

AVATR cars usually come with a built-in navigation system that can help you find nearby charging stations. Alternatively, you can use the AVATR mobile app or the charging station finder function on the vehicle display.

Will battery charging slow down over time?

Yes, battery charging may slow down slightly over time, this is normal. But most batteries come with a warranty that guarantees a certain level of performance.

How to minimize energy consumption?

Ways to reduce energy consumption include driving wisely, reducing highway speeds, utilizing regenerative braking, regular tire maintenance and avoiding unnecessary use of electrical equipment.

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