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Why was Li Auto overtaken by AITO Auto?

Recently, Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer Li Auto released its full-year financial report for 2023, which is quite eye-catching. The financial report shows that Li Auto achieved annual revenue of $17.2 billion, net profit of $1.64 billion, and cash reserves of $14.4 billion. Unlike the beautiful financial results, the ideal car in reality is not outstanding. […]

Imported Zeekr Cars Automotive News

Imported Zeekr Cars – Zeekr’s European Export Journey

The development of China’s automobile industry has gone through electrification in the first half and intelligence in the second half. Now the ultimate track – globalization is beginning to take shape. As the winner of many rounds of “car competitions”, on August 25, 2023, Zeekr Automobile once again ushered in another highlight moment in the […]

New polo front appearance Automotive News

New VW Polo Exposed

Recently, GuangcaiCar obtained specific model information of the new SAIC Volkswagen Polo from relevant channels. It is reported that the new SAIC Volkswagen Polo will be released this year, and the front face will be upgraded to provide LED headlights, electronic parking, disc brakes and other configurations. For reference, the price range of the Volkswagen […]

Zeekr 007 test drive Automotive News

What is a C-class Electric Car | ZEEKR 007 Test Drive Experience

The lights are customized, there are no handles outside the car, electric doors, rotating screens, and the entire 800V platform. This is Zeekr’s new core pure electric car, Zeekr 007. Exterior Compared with Zeekr’s previous models, Zeekr 007 is quite different in appearance. The exterior design is personally designed by Stephen Raff’s team, and models […]

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe Automotive News

Xpeng G9, Full of Luxury and Technology

From a visual point of view, the Xpeng G9 is a medium to large SUV that is very suitable for home use. And the Xpeng G9 has a feature that many camping enthusiasts are looking forward to – an automatic inflatable mattress. Today, as camping culture becomes more and more popular, the G9’s automatic inflatable […]

Volkswagen ID.7 released Automotive News

Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION Officially Released

Earlier on December 15, FAW-Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION was officially launched and delivered. The ID.7 VIZZION is positioned as a pure electric mid-size sedan and has been launched in four models, including the AIR version for $31,883, the PRO version for $33,283, the PRIME version for $36,783, and the first edition for $32,303. A total of […]

AITO M9 static experience Automotive News

Static Interpretation of AITO M9

On September 25, both the extended-range version and the pure electric version of the AITO M9 officially announced the pre-sale price range. The extended-range version and pure electric version of the AITO M9 are expected to sell for $69,991-$83990. Both the extended-range version and the pure electric version are expected to be officially launched in […]

2023 Guangzhou Auto Show Automotive News

2023 Guangzhou Auto Show Review

At this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, official information revealed that 59 new cars will be launched or unveiled. Of course, many will be just minor changes, so let’s focus on the important ones. Let me tell you something in advance: Toyota is very proactive, Audi is very passive, and Huawei has many cars. Toyota Century […]

Volvo EM90 appearance-2 Automotive News

Volvo EM90 Officially Launched

On November 12, Volvo‘s first pure electric luxury MPV EM90 made its official world debut. Looking back at Volvo’s historical models, the Duett model launched in 1953 based on the PV445 can be regarded as Volvo’s forerunner in station wagons. Since then, its relatively tall body shape has been quite MPV-like. Now, 70 years later, […]

Tesla charging pile charging Automotive News

SAIC-GM Electric Vehicles Will Be Able to Use Tesla Charging Piles

Click to see more blogs SAIC-GM, a joint venture created by SAIC and General Motors, recently announced that it will cooperate with Tesla by the end of 2023 to enable its electric vehicles to use Tesla’s Supercharging network. This move makes SAIC-GM the first Chinese car brand to obtain access to Tesla’s Supercharging network through […]

Wuling Starlight appearance-1 Automotive News

A New Choice for Plug-in Hybrid B Class Cars, Wuling Starlight

Click here to see other blogs There is other information. We recently learned from Wuling officials that its new energy sedan, Starlight, will be available for pre-sale at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which will open on November 17 and be launched at the end of November or early December. Wuling Starlight adopts the brand’s latest […]

ZEEKR 007 Official pictures-1 Automotive News

ZEEKR 007 Official Pictures Exposed

Click here to see other blogs There is other information. Recently, ZEEKR Motors officially released high-definition pictures of ZEEKR 007 without camouflage, exposing the actual car. It is understood that this new car is personally led by former Audi/Bentley designer Stefan Sielaff and presents a new family-style design language. The price is expected to start […]