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This article will introduce the nine most representative new energy vehicle platforms. These platforms include the Volkswagen MEB platform, Mercedes-Benz EVA pure electric platform, BYD e platform, BYD DM-i platform, Great Wall Lemon Hybrid DHT, GAC New Energy GEP platform, Great Wall ME platform, Hongqi FME platform, and Toyota TNGA architecture. These new energy vehicle platforms adopt different technologies and design concepts to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly transportation and provide a more efficient, safer, and intelligent driving experience.


The first is the Volkswagen MEB (Modular Electric Drive Matrix) platform, which the Volkswagen Group developed for the global new energy vehicle market. It provides a unified chassis structure and powertrain while supporting the production of different types and sizes of vehicles. The MEB platform is designed to be flexible and can be customized according to different scenarios and needs, providing maximum flexibility.

Volkswagen Modular Electric Drive Matrix

Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle platforms

Second is the Mercedes-Benz EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture) pure electric vehicle platforms, which is a platform developed by Mercedes-Benz for its pure electric vehicles. The EVA platform is compact in structure while providing robust performance and driving range. The Mercedes-Benz EVA platform uses advanced charging technology and intelligent driving systems to improve vehicle safety and convenience.

BENZ Electric Vehicle Architecture

BYD electric vehicle platforms

BYD e-platform is a platform developed by BYD for its pure electric vehicles. This platform adopts an energy-efficient design concept and has an excellent cruising range. At the same time, BYD’s e-platform also integrates advanced intelligent technology to provide a more convenient, comfortable, and safe driving experience.

BYD e-platform

BYD’s DM-i hybrid system makes the engine an auxiliary power component by adding a high-power motor and a large-capacity battery. Combined with the hybrid energy management strategy, it ultimately achieves the effect of using more electricity and less oil. The main advantage of its hybrid system’s power saving is its independent research and development of core control systems such as engine control systems, motor control systems, and battery management systems.


Great Wall electric vehicle platforms

Great Wall Lemon Hybrid DHT (Dual Mode Hybrid Technology) is a technical solution specially developed and designed by Great Wall Motors for hybrid vehicles. This platform combines a traditional fuel engine and battery pack to ensure efficient fuel economy while achieving zero emissions.

Great Wall Motor Dual Mode Hybrid Technology

The Great Wall ME (Modular Electric) platform is a modular chassis architecture developed by Great Wall Motors for pure electric vehicles. The platform is highly flexible and scalable and can adapt to the production of different models and sizes of electric cars.

Great Wall Motor Modular Electric

Guangzhou Automobile Group

GAC New Energy’s GEP (Green Electric Platform) platform is an innovative pure electric vehicle chassis architecture launched by GAC Group’s new energy brand. The platform has a robust and reliable power system, as well as advanced intelligent driving assistance technology.

GAC Green Electric Platform

Hong Qi

The Hong Qi FME (Flagship Modular Electric) platform is a new pure electric vehicle chassis architecture launched by the Chinese luxury brand Hong Qi. The platform uses advanced materials and processes to deliver superior performance and comfort while achieving zero emissions.

Hong Qi Flagship Modular Electric


Toyota TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) architecture is an innovative framework designed by Toyota for the development and design of its new energy vehicles. This architecture integrates advanced hybrid power systems, efficient energy-saving technologies, and intelligent interconnection functions to provide a more environmentally friendly, safe, and convenient driving experience.

Toyota New Global Architecture

In short, these most representative electric vehicle platforms have made outstanding contributions to meeting environmental protection needs. And it improved the driving experience by introducing innovative technologies and design concepts. As demand for environmentally friendly transportation continues to grow, we believe these platforms will continue to drive the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

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