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NIO ES6 launch experienc

NIO ES6 has shortened the pace from debut to launch this time, and has also shipped the new car to stores across the country in advance, enabling it to be launched today and delivered tomorrow.

As NIO’s main model in the next stage, how does the new ES6 perform? GuangcaiCar also went to experience it in advance earlier, so let’s take a look together.

01. Appearance Details

The appearance of the new NIO ES6 is obviously simpler than the previous generation product.

NIO ES6 launch experience

The entire front face has become very rounded, not as angular as before, and the entire light group has also changed. The first is the width of the daytime running lights, which is obviously narrower than the previous generation and looks more energetic.

NIO ES6 launch experience

The smart multi-beam headlights below are linked with the lidar above the head to achieve zoned lighting. For example, when there are cars and people in the opposite direction, the headlights will automatically dim that part so as not to dazzle other people’s eyes.

The side of the new ES6 is very interesting. First of all, it is the hidden rearview mirror turn signal, which is basically invisible when it is not lit. At the same time, the chrome strips of the entire vehicle have also been blackened, and the entire A-pillar to C-pillar has been blackened. The planes are all in a flat state.

All cars on the NT2.0 platform are equipped with electric suction doors as standard. When the handle is gently inserted into the capacitive sensor door handle, the door can be easily unlocked by itself, highlighting the elegance.

NIO ES6 launch experience

At the rear of the car, the new ES6 is equipped with brand-new through-type tail lights, which are more handsome than the previous generation. There is also an elongated spoiler on the top, which reduces wind resistance while hiding the high-mounted brake lights and wipers. The entire front of the car looks very special of harmony.

NIO ES6 launch experience

In fact, if you look at it as a whole, it is not difficult to find that the design of the new ES6 looks more restrained on the surface. It has made a lot of subtractions, and the simpler and more detailed design also makes the car look more classy. So what about the inside of the car?

NIO ES6 launch experience

02. Interior Upgrades

I have to say that NIO’s design has always been quite online.

First of all, you can see that the center console adopts a layered contrasting color structure, and a layer of renewable rattan wood and leather mixed with wood are added to the middle part, which greatly enhances the style of the entire interior.

NIO ES6 launch experience

Details determine quality. Unlike those manufacturers that like to expose the light strips, the new ES6’s ambient lights and front row air outlets are designed to be hidden. Although it is troublesome to clean, it does not look good.

In addition, the seats of the new ES6 have also been upgraded a lot this time. The first is the filling and leather surface. Personally, I feel that the seats are softer than before, and there is also a headrest that supports four-way adjustment, with front and rear depth. How could it be so comfortable?

NIO ES6 launch experience

The passenger side is even more interesting. The new ES6 not only has leg rests, but also optional footrests, a maximum backrest inclination of 172°+ up to 22-way adjustment, and this time the leg rests can also be ventilated and heated. Sitting is more comfortable.

NIO ES6 launch experience

The riding experience in the second row is pretty good. The leather is as soft as the front seats and supports 23 to 31 degrees of electric adjustment. The seat cushions can also support the legs very well, so you won’t feel tired after long distances.

NIO ES6 launch experience

In addition, the new gear handle, key mode adjustment button, wireless charging pad with heat dissipation, two-way armrest box and OLED central control screen are not much different from other NIO models, so we will not go into them here.

Finally, let’s take a look at the trunk. There are two details in total: first, there is a light on the left and right sides, which is very convenient for taking and putting things at night. In addition, there are also hooks for 12V cigarette lighters, which can be said to be everything; Second, the trunk cover is very flat, and there are two layers of storage space underneath.

NIO ES6 launch experience

In fact, NIO’s interior is also the same as its appearance, with a lot of subtraction, but this subtraction is not a reduction in configuration, but a simplicity in design. Sitting in the car gives people a feeling of light luxury and high-end.

03. Zero Hundred Takes Only 4.5 Seconds

The new NIO ES6, which comes from NIO’s NT2.0 platform, is equipped with the same dual-motor four-wheel drive system as the ET5, with a front coaxial induction motor with a power of 150 kW and a rear silicon carbide permanent magnet synchronous motor with a power of 210 kW. It is claimed that the acceleration from 0 to 100 mph can reach 4.5 seconds.

After actual testing at a professional venue, it was found that with luggage in the trunk and three adult male passengers in the car , the new ES6 can reach 0-100km/h in 4.54s.

In addition to straight-line acceleration, the new ES6 also experienced the snake pile and elk tests. As a medium-sized SUV, when faced with these two projects, the ES6 can be said to have no pressure and pass easily.

NIO ES6 launch experience

In terms of chassis, the new generation ES6 adopts a front and rear five-link sports suspension design, canceling the optional air suspension of the previous generation, and equipped with a new CDC electromagnetic suspension and ICC intelligent chassis domain control technology.

The combination of these two technologies can theoretically continuously collect and identify users’ actual driving data. The vehicle can push customized chassis data parameters OTA based on the user’s driving habits. The main focus is a personalized experience.

When the kinetic energy recovery of the vehicle is set to low, there is basically no need to apply the brakes on the mountain road. By controlling the electric pedal, you can easily pass the curve, which is absolutely impossible to experience on a fuel vehicle.

At the same time, because the new generation ES6 has a wider, shorter and lower center of gravity than the previous generation, coupled with the new chassis design, it will obviously have a more stable feeling when driving. Even on winding mountain roads, the posture of the vehicle is still beautiful, and There won’t be too much side roll.

Unlike some models that have been experienced before, the steering force of the new ES6 is adjusted to the lightest level, and there is no false electronic flavor. It still allows you to experience full posture fun.

NIO ES6 launch experience

Driving on city roads, the new ES6 can handle the vibrations very comfortably when facing small bumps.

In addition to CDC and ICC, the vehicle is also equipped with the ISS intelligent and comfortable braking system, which can effectively suppress the vehicle’s nodding. This feeling is especially obvious when facing a red light.

When you gently step on the brake pedal, you will find that the vehicle slows down very linearly. In actual experience, from deceleration to complete stop, you will only feel the body shaking slightly, which is very comfortable.

NIO ES6 launch experience

NIO ES6 comes standard with the Aquila NIO super-sensing system, which will be equipped with 33 sensing hardware including 1 lidar. At the same time, the entire series is also equipped with four NVIDIA-Drive Orin X chips as standard, with a total computing power of up to 1016 TOPS.

NIO ES6 launch experience

At present, it seems that NIO’s assisted driving system drives smoothly on ramps, will actively slow down on curves, and can adjust the speed in time when merging into the main road. The lane changing action is crisp and very sophisticated.


From the detailed design to the surging driving experience, the new es6 will give you a completely new feeling.

It turns out that design can be subtracted, robustness means arrogance, and advanced means restraint .

So far we have roughly introduced you to the all-round experience of the new NIO ES6. If you want to know more about the configuration information of NIO ES6, you can contact GuangcaiCar for detailed information.

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