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AITO M9, a highly anticipated new model jointly developed by Huawei and AITO, will be launched soon. As a large SUV of the AITO brand, the M9 is accurately positioned and mainly targeted at family users. It is committed to providing intelligent technology configurations and diverse power options.

AITO M9 appearance-1
AITO M9 appearance-3

AITO M9 appearance

Regarding appearance design, AITO M9 shows a calm and elegant style. The front face adopts advanced digital pixel headlights and XPisel intelligent lighting technology, which is full of technology. At the same time, it is equipped with lidar to realize automatic assisted driving functions. The sidelines of the car body are simple and elegant, and the dual-colour design adds a sense of luxury.

In terms of body size, the length, width, and height are 5230/1999/1800mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 3110mm. In the wheel part, the M9 is equipped with multi-spoke wheel hubs. The spokes of the wheel hubs are also designed with cutouts, making the visual effect more three-dimensional and showing a luxurious and sporty design style.

AITO M9 appearance-2
AITO M9 interior-1

AITO M9 interior

The interior is equally exciting. M9 adopts the AITO brand’s family design style, and its sizeable through-type screen and simple interior design are eye-catching. Leather materials are used extensively in the car, with fine texture and a comfortable touch. The new vehicle is expected to be equipped with Huawei’s ADS 2.0 intelligent driving assistance system and Hongmeng 4.0 cockpit system, bringing users a unique intelligent driving experience.

AITO M9 logo


In terms of power, M9 provides two drive systems, pure electric and extended range, for consumers to choose from. The pure electric version adopts a dual-motor layout, with the maximum power of the front and rear motors being 160kW and 230kW, respectively. The extended-range model has a 1.5T engine and dual motors to form a hybrid system. The parameters of the motors are consistent with the pure electric version. Such a power configuration will bring users a powerful and efficient driving experience.

More details will be announced after the AITO M9 is officially launched. Let us look forward to this highly anticipated model! If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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