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AION Automobile, as a new energy vehicle brand under GAC Aion, has impressive performance in terms of vehicle intelligence, cruising range and luxury.

In 2022-2023, the cumulative sales of the AION S series reached 231,254 units, becoming the best-selling domestic pure electric sedan in 2022-2023. In addition, AION Y also ranks first in the A-class pure electric SUV segment. throne.

These achievements are enough to make AION cars famous and recognized by a wide range of users in terms of technology and quality.

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Aion New Energy
compact SUV
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type Front wheel drive
Aion New Energy
compact SUV
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type Front wheel drive
Aion New Energy
compact car
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type Front wheel drive
Aion New Energy
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type Front wheel drive

Explore the Models of AION

Stick to EV + ICV

AION focuses on five major areas: R&D, industrial chain, intelligent manufacturing and quality, marketing services and organizational culture to comprehensively enhance brand value.

AION LX Plus - Pure Electric Flagship SUV


Intelligent Driving System

Equipped with 3 second-generation intelligent variable-focus lidar; 4 surround-view cameras; 6 millimeter-wave radars; 8 autonomous driving cameras; 12 ultrasonic radars; 2 independent high-precision positioning modules.

High Speed NDA

Intelligent piloting, overtaking and lane changing; High-speed interchange up and down ramps; Curve deceleration; DMS + HOD dual detection.

Summon Parking

Summon parking 1 route memory, 6 fixed parking spaces; 150m memory route length; Full scene coverage; Self-service obstacle avoidance.

Technology Cockpit

201m² panoramic canopy; NAPPA leather seats; 10 speakers; 15.6-inch central control screen; ADiGO 4.0 intelligent IoT system; Convenient voice control; hidden electronic air outlets.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power

AION V Plus - AI Family SUV


Extra Large Space in the Back Row

The legroom is 1040mm wide, the rear height is 1020mm, and the seat height is 1520mm.

AEP 2.0

AEP 2.0 pure electric exclusive platform, the car is 4650mm long and has an exaggerated wheelbase of 2830mm.

Double Dial

ADiGO PILOT intelligent driving assistance system, proactively decides acceleration and deceleration, and selects the optimal lane for driving.


Zero Natural Magazine Battery; Five Star Safety Steel Aluminum Hybrid Body.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power

AION S Plus - Compact Sedan


Instant Color Changing Canopy

Language discoloration control (3 levels); Center control screen gesture control stepless discoloration (10 levels); UV isolation rate is greater than 99.9%

Electronic Control System

iBooster electronically controlled brake assist + ESP9.3 dual braking system; Improves energy recovery efficiency and shortens braking distance.

Ultra-low Wind Resistance

0.211Cd low wind resistance, wind-riding ejection, ultra-low wind resistance aerodynamics, hidden door handle.

Magazine Battery

Fifth-generation battery management system; Mesh nanopore insulation material; Ultra-high heat-resistant and stable battery core; Fully integrated liquid cooling integrated system; High-precision thermal conduction path design

Maximum Cruising Range
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power
Drag Coefficient

AION Y Plus - Compact SUV

No Sense Start

Technology protection + IBCM sensorless start; 14.6-inch high-definition large screen; One-click preset for customized scenes.

Texture Space

2750mm leapfrog wheelbase, front and rear seats fully folded down; Rear row 1020mm; Healthy and comfortable cockpit, doors, instrument panel, center console with multiple soft coverings.

ADiGO SPACE Smart Cockpit

Custom scenes, one-click preset of high-end scenes, linked seats, air conditioning, music, etc.

One-button Remote Parking

Solve the parking problem; Voice wake-up or one-touch remote control parking outside the car, parking in and out, automatic window raising and door locking.

Maximum Cruising Range
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power
Drag Coefficient

AION Vehicles - Vision, Innovation, Enterprising, Trust and Sharing

Vision: Pursues visionary technology and quality to meet future market needs.

Innovation: Focus on technological innovation and research and development, and constantly explores and leads technological trends.

Enterprising:  Expand the market with a proactive attitude and continuously improves and enhances products and services.

Trust: Committed to providing consumers with trustworthy products and services and establishing a good brand image.

Sharing: Advocate the concepts of green travel and sustainable development, and shares development results with all sectors of society.

Excellent Performance of AION Cars

The perfect integration of the latest technology with cars makes AION cars even more outstanding in terms of performance, safety, comfort, charging, etc.

Magazine Battery 2.0 Technology

AION Automobile’s latest magazine battery 2.0 technology has higher safety and energy density, which can effectively increase the energy output of the battery pack while extending battery life.

Quark electric drive

AION cars are equipped with Quark electric drive system, which has higher motor efficiency and longer cruising range, bringing users a better driving experience.

Xingling electronic and electrical architecture

AION cars adopt a highly integrated Xingling electronic and electrical architecture, which can achieve efficient energy management and vehicle control, and improve the safety and comfort of the entire vehicle.

Super-speed battery

AION car’s super-speed battery has higher charging speed and longer life, which can charge the vehicle in a short time while ensuring the service life of the battery.

ADiGO Intelligent Driving Internet Ecosystem

AION cars are equipped with the ADiGO Intelligent Driving Internet Ecosystem, which can realize multiple functions such as intelligent driving, intelligent navigation, and intelligent entertainment, improving the convenience and safety of driving.

FAQs about Importing AION Cars from China

How to buy and import an AION car?

You can find local dealers on AION’s official website, or contact guangwucar’s service staff for consultation. After confirming the model and signing the contract, we will arrange sea or land transportation and prepare all import and export documents.

How much does an AION car cost?

The specific selling price depends on your needs. AION cars are available in multiple models and configurations, including sedans, SUVs, etc. You can choose the model and configuration according to your own and or family needs.

What is the cruising range of the AION car? Is charging convenient?

The cruising range of AION cars will vary depending on factors such as model, battery capacity and driving habits. Generally speaking, the cruising range of AION cars can reach hundreds of kilometers, which is enough to meet the needs of daily commuting and travel. And it supports fast charging, which you can charge at home, public places or special charging stations.

Does AION car have intelligent interconnection functions?

Yes, AION cars support intelligent interconnection functions, which can realize remote control, vehicle status monitoring, navigation and other functions through mobile applications.

Is the AION car battery reliable?

AION cars use ternary lithium batteries and have passed multiple safety tests such as overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, etc. to ensure that the battery remains safe under various circumstances. At the same time, the battery pack structure has also been specially designed to effectively protect the battery safety in the event of a collision.

What safety features does the AION car have?

Passive safety: AION car adopts high-strength steel frame and collision energy absorption control technology. It has a comprehensive airbag system, including front front airbags, front side airbags and front and rear integrated side curtain airbags. In addition, the front seat belts also have dynamic locking tongues to further improve occupant safety.


Active safety: AION cars adopt many active safety technologies, such as adaptive cruise, lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring, etc.

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