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The battery explosion-proof valve is a safety device used to control the pressure inside the battery. When the internal pressure of the battery exceeds a certain value, the explosion-proof valve will explode and release the pressure to prevent the battery from exploding.

The burst value of the battery explosion-proof valve refers to the amount of pressure inside the battery that the explosion-proof valve will open. This value is generally determined by the designer based on the performance and usage scenarios of the battery, and usually varies between battery models. Generally speaking, the explosion value of battery explosion-proof valve is between 0.5-1.0MPa.

Why do car companies have different blasting value requirements? In fact, there are mainly the following reasons:

1. Differences in battery types and performance: Different battery types and performance parameters determine the amount of internal pressure. For example, the working principles and performance of lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries are quite different, and their internal pressures will also be different. Therefore, car companies need to develop corresponding explosion-proof valve explosion values based on the type of battery used and performance requirements.

2. Different vehicle usage scenarios: Different types of vehicles will have different working conditions and environmental requirements during use. For example, when an electric vehicle is driving at high speed for a long time or accelerating rapidly, the temperature and pressure inside the battery are higher than that of an ordinary hybrid vehicle, so the burst value needs to be adjusted accordingly to ensure safety.

3. Safety considerations and standard requirements: When car companies set the explosion value of explosion-proof valves, in addition to considering battery performance and usage scenarios, they also need to comply with relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements. Different regions and countries may have different safety standards and regulations. These standards have clear requirements for battery safety performance, including the explosion value of explosion-proof valves.

4. Car companies’ own requirements and technical capabilities: Car companies will consider their own technical capabilities and product positioning when formulating the explosion value of explosion-proof valves. Some car companies may improve battery safety performance by optimizing battery design and control systems, thereby reducing the explosion value of explosion-proof valves. Some car companies may adopt conservative design requirements to ensure product reliability and safety.

In general, the different burst value requirements of the explosion-proof valves of car companies are determined by various factors such as battery performance differences, vehicle usage scenarios, safety standards and regulatory requirements, as well as the car companies’ own requirements and technical capabilities. For each situation, car companies need to comprehensively consider these factors and formulate reasonable explosion-proof valve burst values to ensure the safety performance of the battery and meet relevant standards and requirements.

The explosion value of new energy battery explosion-proof valves is usually determined through engineering design, and the specific value will vary according to different battery types and design requirements. Generally speaking, the burst value will be determined based on the maximum working pressure of the battery and the pressure resistance of the material to ensure that it can work safely within the normal working pressure range. When the pressure exceeds the safe range, it can be opened in time to release the pressure to avoid excessive pressure. High will cause the battery to explode.

As new energy models continue to increase and the production cost of battery explosion-proof valves gradually increases, there are more and more categories. It is difficult for battery manufacturers to find explosion-proof valve manufacturers that can match them, which hinders the large-scale standardized production of power batteries. It is not conducive to reducing the cost of power batteries. Even after passing the test, it will take a long time to verify its feasibility. For vehicle companies, it has increased the difficulty of matching and purchasing.

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