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Honda will reveal several new cars at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show, headlined by an electric successor to the NSX, an all-new electric sports car that Honda says will “allow drivers to experience pure driving pleasure.”

Although Honda did not reveal more details about the model, it claimed that this concept car represents Honda’s continuous pursuit of driving pleasure and embodies Honda’s universal car-making philosophy-the pursuit of sports performance and distinctive features.

In addition to Honda NSX, Honda will also display the SUSTAINA-C concept car and the Pocket concept car, aiming to use limited resources to create future mobility tools. Both cars use recycled acrylic resin to achieve environmental sustainability.

Other electric vehicle products that will make their global debut at the auto show include CI-MEV, a two-seat, four-wheel mini electric vehicle that uses Honda’s collaborative intelligence (CI) and autonomous driving technology for the last mile. travel.

Honda revealed that it plans to launch 30 new electric vehicles globally by the end of this century, including at least two electric sports cars. One will be a professional sports car, while the other will be a flagship model.

According to British automotive media reports, Honda’s electric high-performance car will use the e:n platform, which is the same platform as the e:Ny1 electric SUV. The sports car will be equipped with a Type R logo. As Honda technical consultant Kotaro Yamamoto said, “Type R represents racing, which is a kind of enjoyment. Even in the era of pure electric vehicles, there will still be Type R that provides the ultimate driving pleasure.”

This electric sports car will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, which will be held from October 28 to November 5, 2023. More details will be disclosed during the auto show. Are you looking forward to the performance of this car?

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